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A, service hotline
Sales Hotline: 0551-65736630
B, service commitment
1, to ensure that the user to provide a good pre - and after-sales service, to the user before ordering the product performance and the use of the requirements, provide information.
2, the user needs to carry out technical training, focusing on the quality of the user tracking, user access, timely according to user needs to improve product performance, and continuously improve product quality.
3, received the user's request to solve the problems in the use of products in the notice, the company made a preliminary response within 1 hours, 24 hours to reach the scene major issues.
Equipment and products 4, supporting key projects, ensure delivery according to the contract requirements, the need for technical service will send professional and technical service personnel to participate in commissioning acceptance and installation guidance, until the normal operation of equipment.
C, repair machine back to repair instructions
In addition to the provisions of the contract, the following circumstances, customers need to bear the cost of transportation back and forth:
1, is not within the scope of the warranty.
2, I need to return to our product itself, re packaging factory.
3, beyond the scope of the warranty, but the application can be repaired for free.
4, within the scope of the warranty, but not with the Secretary of our direct delivery back to the factory.

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